Simon Rigoulot, PhD
Research Associate
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Lay summary My research interests center around the neurobiology of emotion processing. I studied Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences in Lille (France) and I completed under the supervision of Prof. Sequeira my PhD in December 2008 from University of Lille 2 (Title: “Electrophysiological and behavioral impact of emotional information in peripheral vision”).

I am currently workoing at NED Laboratory with Sarah Lippé on several projects that aim to understand how stress impacts cognitive and emotional processing and to identify neurobiological markers of diseases like FragileX syndrome or leukemia. For example, in project PETALE (in french), we try to understand the neurocognitive consequences of leukemia, by studying cognitive processes like memory, attention or resting-state activity of leukemia survivors.

I am also conducting a project at BRAMS with Dr. Jorge Armony on the brain correlates of the perception of emotional music using fNIRS. In the past, we used EEG and MEG to understand how the brain processes emotional sounds from different channels like vocalizations (screams, cries, laughs,…), emotional speech or prosody and how expertise in music plays a key role in the modulation of these processes.

Before that, as a postdoctoral fellow in Neuropragmatics and Emotion Lab with Dr. Marc D. Pell, I developed projects with audiovisual stimulations, associating emotional prosody to emotional faces, to investigate the emotional modulations of attentional resources with eye-tracking techniques. We also developed other projects on the role of prosody in figurative language like in irony, sincerity and sexual innuendos. With EEG recordings, we aimed to understand how the brain perceives the real intentions of the speakers when confronted to ambiguous situations.

I also have a lot of experience in teaching, mostly in France but also in Canada. In 2009, I held a teaching position as an associate teacher and researcher in the University of Lille 1 (France) for one year. In 2015, I got hired as a chargé de cours by Université de Montréal to teach Neuropsychology in Psychology Department.

Keywords: Emotion, Prosody, Speech, Language, Face, Voice, EEG, ERP, MEG, eye-tracking, music, vocalizations, Neuroscience, Cognitive Sciences, Psychology.


2005-2008 PhD thesis in Health Sciences and Cognitive Neurosciences, University Lille 2 (France)

2004-2005 D.E.A of Health Sciences, University Lille 2 (France), french equivalent to one year of predoctoral research

2003-2004 Master’s degree in Cognitive Sciences, University Lille 3 (France)

2002-2003 B.S. Bachelor in Cognitive Sciences, University Lille 3 (France)


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